What should I wear?

You should wear comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate. Check the weather listings closer to the time of the race to determine what is weather appropriate. Jeans or khakis are usually not comfortable to wear. Every participant MUST wear sneakers/ running shoes to avoid any injury. PLEASE DO NOT WEAR SANDALS OR FLIP FLOPS. You might want to consider wearing some type of hat or baseball cap, as the sun will be out during the walk/run.

Do I have to decide if I want to run or walk at this time?

No, you do not have to decide yet, but we suggest you decide about 2 months before the event. If you decide to run and have never run that distance, you will need to train so you can successfully complete the distance and avoid injuries. If you decide to walk, getting some consistent level of exercise before that day is recommended. For some more specific tips on how you can get yourself ready, please email us at info@jhbwalkforwells.com.

How many people are participating in this event?

We are expecting to have about 300 people to participate in the event. We will also have volunteers on site. The runners start first and then the walkers shortly after. The local police department will be present to guide us and direct traffic.

What if I can’t participate on the day of the event, will I still be able to help with the cause?

Most definitely yes! We need support in many ways including financial, as this is a fundraiser. Please see the “Support Us” section of this website for more information. To be a sponsor, please email us at the email below. A copy of our sponsorship form is also available in the sponsor section of our website.

Will my run or walk time be recorded?

Yes, we will provide each participant with his or her race time at the end of the race. A certificate of participation will also be given to each participant.