Welcome to Walk for Wells (W4W) 2019!

We are all about blessing and impacting lives, while promoting physical fitness in our community.

In collaboration with the JHB Hope Foundation, we have been doing just that. Since our inception in 2011, we have raised over $60,000 and built over 13 wells. As a result, W4W has impacted as many as 30,000 lives by providing access to fresh water, and help to prevent water borne illnesses in the countries of The Gambia, Nigeria, Cameroun, Kenya & Liberia.

In addition to our international efforts, W4W is committed to supporting our local communities by donating a portion of our raised funds to our local police, fire & health departments. In 2014, we donated a GlideScope to Northwest Hospital’s pediatric unit, which helps to¬†fit into the obstructed airway of a small child so that a breathing tube can be placed into the throat to keep the airway open. It uses video technology so doctors can see a real time, distinct view of where to place the tube safely, accurately and quickly.

There are still many areas in need. Our goal of providing clean drinking water to rural areas will be an ongoing effort for a while, but every effort & every well counts. Join us for Walk for Wells 2019 on Saturday, September 7th.

JHB Hope Foundation: JHB Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that restores hope and implements humanitarian projects that positively impacts the lives of others. These projects focus on providing access to clean drinking water, quality healthcare, educational resources, and feeding programs. This global outreach ministry is dedicated to sharing an unprecedented message of love, compassion and hope to the less privileged. Hope Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) faith-based non-profit organization.